Guitar, Ukulele, Singing and Keyboard Lessons in Lancaster

fun and inspiration through music

Guitar and Singing lessons, Lancaster

  • Learn guitar or singing, or both at the same time
  • Learn what inspires and motivates you
  • Explore and express your individual voice
  • Overcome barriers to learning music
  • Discover that learning music can be fun and satisfying
  • Guitar and singing lessons in the Lancaster area.

My Style Of Teaching

Have you ever wanted to play guitar or sing, yet feel too shy or too old to start? My philosophy is simple: no matter who you are, anyone can gain pleasure from learning music. My teaching has nothing to do with heavy theory or unnecessary learning, yet everything to do with learning what really inspires you, whilst having as much fun as possible. When you learn what you love, motivation to practice increases, getting even more from your instrument.

Many students have a burning desire to learn an instrument, yet are bogged down by past experiences of learning music.Told at school that they can’t sing or that they are ‘not musical’, they often come to me wondering if there is any hope in having lessons. In truth music is learnt just like anything else and the idea that ‘you either have it or you don’t’ is just not real.

Yet not everyone is a beginner, and my role as a teacher changes when a student has experience; finding and supporting them in the skills they want to develop; noticing areas that need development and finding ways to improve them. A student may have been playing for years, yet feels stuck or stagnant. The focus then shifts to finding them new areas of inspiration.

In my teaching I focus on developing confidence and inspiring my students, whilst providing structure and content that supports their development. If you feel supported and inspired you will progress with more ease, and before you know it you’ll be playing great music!

Why Teach?

I teach because I like to see people inspired, and because I feel that my experience as a musician and teacher can give that to my students. I also feel it is important to listen to what students want, what they hope to get from lessons. I teach so I can help students find what they are looking for, to assist them in their musical search.

Why Learn With Me?

Because I really enjoy teaching music; I don’t teach because I’m waiting for something else to happen; I teach because I love to see people develop and enjoy a new skill.

Where Do I Teach?

I’m a mobile tutor, so I teach my lessons in your house; The student gets more convenience and no travel time, and I get lots of exercise on my bike! I cover the whole central Lancaster area, and can sometimes travel further depending on the time of day.

How Much Do I Charge?

I charge 16 pounds half hour / 32 pounds an hour; this includes any travelling I do.

Who Has Lessons?

I have students from about 7 or 8, and my oldest student is in his sixties.

How Long Have I Been Teaching?

I have been teaching full time for 11 years

How can I book a lesson?

If you would like to book a lesson or find out more, please contact me.

My name is Chris Beckett, and I am a UK based music teacher, running guitar and singing lessons in Lancaster. No matter who you are, I’d love to help you learn to play guitar or sing.


Secret to playing great music

"After applying Chris’s technique to work on several songs I’d played before, the lights went on – it was like when I first learned to playing the chords to Smells Like Teen Spirit when I was 14, new avenues opening up everywhere."
Peter Reid, Bristol