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Golden rules for vocalists

1: Try not to sing along to CD’s.
Singing to music hides your mistakes underneath the sound. It’s hard to tell if you go out of tune, or if your voice sounds tense, or add dynamics to your singing. Try to sing to an instrument if possible, even just a backing track. If you do sing along to the CD, then turn it down as quiet as possible.

2: Become aware of how you’re singing feels, not just how it sounds.
If you focus solely on the sound of the singing, you’re unaware of any tensions in your body that need to be released to bring power and control to your voice. Begin by becoming aware of tensions in the jaw and neck, and try to release them whilst singing, then hear how that changes the sound of your voice.

3: Think about what the words mean to you.
Look at what you want to express, and think about how you could articulate that into your singing. It could be as simple as singing quietly when communicating something emotional, louder when something is angry.

4: Be yourself.
If you try to be something your not, it will come across in your singing as stress and strain. People often think that they have to add more, that they are not enough. Just be yourself and your individual voice will grow.

5: Notice any desire to push.
People often equate power in singing with pushing, but nothing could be further from the truth. By pushing you strain the singing system, causing it to lock up and stall. Notice when you try to push, and try to back off. As you relax you’ll find a new power available to you.

"For those coming from a place of nerves, confusion and doubt, Chris’s teaching method is definitely the way to go, and I’d recommend his lessons highly."
Peter Reid, Bristol

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