Guitar, Ukulele, Singing and Keyboard Lessons in Lancaster

fun and inspiration through music


1) I’ve never sung in front of anyone before.
Everyone is nervous when they first come for singing lessons, and it’s my job to put you at ease singing with me.

2) I can’t read music.
Almost all my teaching is done by ear, or using guitar tab /chord sheets. I’ll never ask you to learn reading music, as it’s not useful for most people’s needs.

3) I want to learn but it’s too late.
It’s a common myth that if you don’t start playing or singing when you’re young, you’ll never catch up. It doesn’t matter what age you begin, all that matters is how you approach your playing. I only really started playing when I was twenty, but because I always enjoy playing and never take it too seriously, I’ve always made great progress.

4) I just want to learn for fun.
So do I! My lessons are never over-serious; my aim is always to get the most enjoyment out the instrument, given how much time you have to practice and your circumstances.

Secret to playing great music

"At the age of 63 I’m proud to say that with Chris’s guidance, I’ve found the confidence to sing in front of strangers."
Alan Nye, Bristol