Guitar, Ukulele, Singing and Keyboard Lessons in Lancaster

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Guitar Lessons in Lancaster

  • Learn electric or acoustic
  • Study guitar for singing, or as a solo instrument
  • Guitar lessons suited to your needs
  • Learn riffs / chords / solo’s / strum patterns / finger-picking
  • Add colour to your playing with guitar dynamics
  • Understand how to balance guitar with singing
  • Develop an individual style of your own
  • Learn how to work out songs from recordings
  • Guitar lessons covering the whole of the Lancaster area
  • Guitar lessons suited to your needs

Guitar Teaching Approach

Students always come to guitar lessons with individual needs, and my role as a teacher is to address what you want to learn. Giving you inspiration, guidance and structure ensures that you get the most out of your guitar lessons. Whether you are learning to play guitar for singing, or as a solo instrument, guitar lessons will be tailored to meet those needs; I won’t be teaching you what you don’t want to learn. So if you are a beginner or an experienced player, our guitar lessons would give you everything you need to be inspired to progress with your guitar playing.

If you are thinking of taking the plunge, you might need some:

Tips On Buying A Guitar:

1: Always Try It; It’s never a good idea to buy online, each guitar has it’s own character, so even guitars of the same make and model will play differently. If you find a guitar you like in a shop, and are tempted to save money by buying online, don’t; it just won’t play the same way. Better to pay that little more and know what you’re buying.

2: Go Into A Guitar Shop And Try Everything; well maybe not everything, but try lots of different makes and prices. Some guitars will feel ‘right’ when you play, these are the ones to consider buying.

3: More Expensive Does Not Mean Better; It just means more expensive! Some guitars will just feel better to play; sometime they will be expensive, but just as often they are not.

4: Setting Up The Guitar Will Not Turn A Bad Guitar Good; But it will make a good guitar better. lowering the action, and lighter strings can make it easier to play, which is important when beginning. You want a guitar that you’ll pick up to play often, and that means one that’s easy to play. If you have inherited an old guitar to learn with it is often a good idea to go to a guitar shop to get it set up.

5: My Favourite Guitar Shop In Bristol; Is Hobgoblin Guitar on Park Street; It has a great range of acoustic guitars, and their own brand Blue Moon, is fantastic value for money, from about 70 pounds, and always very playable. They are so good that I teach with one!

Secret to playing great music

"Playing guitar has helped to keep my hands supple, and Chris has re-awakened my interest in music!"
Patricia Hammond, Bristol