Guitar, Ukulele, Singing and Keyboard Lessons in Lancaster

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Singing Lessons in Lancaster

  • Discover how to let go of tension when singing
  • Open up to your natural vocal power
  • Gain confidence and increase self expression
  • Learn how to use your breathing system easily and effectively
  • Understand how to sing accurately
  • Learn how to develop a blue / rock / folk / pop style by mastering different textures and dynamics using your voice
  • Discover how to become an individual singer
  • Complete beginners welcome

Singing is the most personal instrument, and students are sometimes nervous when beginning lessons. It’s my job to put the student at ease, because the more you relax the better you sing. I will show you how to let go of tensions in your jaw and neck, to relax and deepen your breathing, as well as how to gain control using your diaphragm. Yet singing is much more than just technique. I will teach you how to develop textures in your voice (such as rough, smooth, silky, breathy or light), as well as dynamic control (such as volume, phrasing). Through this you’ll learn how to develop a personal style that expresses more of ‘you’.

Secret to playing great music

"Playing guitar has helped to keep my hands supple, and Chris has re-awakened my interest in music!"
Patricia Hammond, Bristol