Guitar, Ukulele, Singing and Keyboard Lessons in Lancaster

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Skype singing and guitar lessons

  • discover your ideal tutor, wherever you are in the world
  • save on the time and cost of travel to music lessons
  • use the time saved on more practice
  • learn guitar or vocal
  • learn to play and sing at the same time


why should I choose a skype lesson?

Skype lessons mean convinience. So many people give up on lessons because of the hassle of getting to a teachers house or studio. It’s time they rarely have, and by the time they get to the lesson they feel rushed and can’t concentrate. Having lessons in your own home means you’re not rushing around so much, and that means a more focused and rewarding lesson.

Online lessons also mean you can get the tuition you really want, and that might not easily be available to you. Maybe you don’t have transport and can’t get to lessons easily, or you just don’t have the right kind of teachers in your area. For example, my niche is teaching guitar and vocals at the same time. Very very few tutors offer this combination, yet now this speciality is available to anyone in the world!

What other benefits are there to skype lessons?

The time you create by having lessons at home can be used for more practice, which means you get even more out of your lessons. For many playing music in front of somebody is a huge step. Skype lessons can provide the support they need to learn if they’re not ready to see someone face to face.

What is a Skype lesson like?

In many ways a lot like a normal lesson. I demonstrate something, then you try it out, then I say ‘maybe try it a little more like this’ then you try it again… Because we can see and hear each others body language, it’s easy to get the rapport needed between a student and teacher.

Aren’t face to face lessons better?

Real world lessons are just different from Skype lessons. Online lessons tend to be a little more focused, because the student is normally more relaxed, and they focus on themselves more rather than getting caught up in what the tutor is doing.

How much are Skype lessons?

It costs 32 pounds for an hour and 16 pounds for half an hour. There is a 10% discount for a block of four lessons.

Secret to playing great music

"After applying Chris’s technique to work on several songs I’d played before, the lights went on – it was like when I first learned to playing the chords to Smells Like Teen Spirit when I was 14, new avenues opening up everywhere."
Peter Reid, Bristol